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A bit more about me...

Hey! Thanks for dropping in to check out Pilates with Verity.
Pilates is something that has completely changed my life and I couldn’t now be without. I swear by my class as my own personal work out 2ce a week, which I love sharing with you guys to help achieve your goals. For me, it’s the master of keeping me on track in regards to fitness, but also keeps me feeling great and succeeding with my personal goals, as I use it as an escape from life and to clear my mind.

There are SO many amazing benefits to my class, I would love everyone to try it and tell me they don’t feel amazing afterwards! I qualified to teach with my Level 3 certification in 2019. I am now currently working towards my level 4 certification with Body Control.I have a degree in Biomedical science from Kings college London where I gained in depth knowledge about human biology. Looking at the bigger picture I have a huge passion for health and wellbeing and am constantly educating myself on all topics of the matter.

The creation of my virtual Pilates studio began in the first national lockdown where I was no longer filming for Made in Chelsea so had some extra time on my hands. I then spread the word I would be teaching on zoom. To which I found over 80 of you guys become regular attendees in the first month! The positive energy was exactly what everyone needed! I knew I was onto something cool, so now here we are on a full blown portal with Pilates with Verity reaching all ends of the world.

I absolutely LOVE teaching you guys, helping you stay fit and happy. As well as helping you achieve physical goals, I will give you that boost in confidence, productivity and creativity resulting to nailing those goals off the mat.
I’ve tailored my class so that everyone can enjoy it. No matter if you’re an absolute beginner or experienced professional, I’m confident that you’ll love my class.
I hope you love it just as much as I do!
Lots of Love, V xx

verity bowditch
mail online
‘100% the best way to start your day, every class has left me feeling amazing!!’
‘she works you hard & you always feel it the day after!! 100% worth the money’
‘Verity’s classes are a great full body work out! Super chill and suitable for all’
‘Last year during lockdown all the way in Canada I found the most amazing class online. When you have an amazing instructor who understands just what you need and someone who truly appreciates their clients is a rare gem to find. Thankful for Verity and her amazing spirit!’
‘Honestly the best thing I ever did! Improved my mental health so much, made me feel so much mentally and physically stronger and classes re so much fun...thank you so much 🙂 ‘’
‘Verity your Pilates class is something special. You great everyone with such a warm personal welcome which makes it feel like a real life group. I love it also as its not just a relaxing class, but a full on sweat filled workout, thr best of both worlds. But most importantly it is safely done. You’ve been a highlight of a brutal pandemic and I am very grateful’