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In combination with a healthy lifestyle, eating well and staying active, yes it does as it burns calories and tones your muscles. Practising Pilates 2ce a week also keeps you mentally in gear for staying on track of your goals, if that is to lose weight, tone up or stay motivated. I find doing 2 classes a week keeps me on the straight and narrow and aids to my exercise regime.

Nothing is needed to join my class. If possible a Pilates or yoga mat is great. If not the carpet will do!

Yes! My classes are tailored so that each move can be modified depending on your ability. If you are new to Pilates then take the class at your own pace. Take breaks whenever you need to and make sure you don’t force any movement. We want you to have a good work out but not push yourself too hard to result in injury. I have SO many beginners join my class who absolutely love it. A lot having started are now stronger, more confident and now Pilates pros! I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it. Any questions you’ve got drop me a dm!

No. Please do not join if you are pregnant, or if you have just had a baby. As I can’t keep track on what everyone is doing in the class it could be really dangerous. If you wish to do Pilates while you are pregnant, look for specialist classes.

I have found the best way of taking LIVE classes is to continue through the movements so you guys can check what I am doing and follow me. If there is any move you aren’t sure about, dm me on Instagram and I can talk you through it. At the end of a LIVE session I welcome any questions!

Absolutely! No one needs to know what you look like doing Pilates. It’s actually a great way to start while we build that confidence up! About half the class have their camera off. I prefer it if you have your camera on so I can greet everyone’s faces at the start of the class and also to be able to have a quick check no one is having a nap. It’s totally up to you!